We support the future of evolving manufacturing with a variety of advanced technologies that have spread from high frequency technology.

Pearl Kogyo Co. has developed high-frequency technology with limitless potential and has extensively contributed to the growth of the world’s automobile and semiconductor industries.
Since our founding in 1953, we have been improving our technology continuously to meet the needs of our customers under the motto of “creativity and ingenuity.”
The evolution of electronics continues steady progress.
In recent years, the speed of innovation has progressed at a speed that humankind has never experienced before and is now said to be in the realm of “progress per second”. d society.
Furthermore, the manufacturing field will enter the next-generation stage with the arrival of the AI, IoT, and 5G eras.
Even in such a future society, we believe that expectations for our creative technology, which is described as a “top niche,” will continue to rise more than ever.
The “Factory Automation (FA) System Department” of the Takumimachi Factory in Sakai City, which supports a major automobile company group, has newly established a second factory on a vast site of about 6,900 m2 and started operations in 2020.
Our development capabilities for manufacturing equipment for processing automobile interior parts have evolved further, and our technology has now earned the trust of medical supply manufacturers.
In addition, the high-frequency generator handled by the “Radio Frequency (RF) System Department” (headquarters factory) has received high praise from semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers around the world for its advanced technology that is unrivaled by other companies in Japan.
Furthermore, as part of an industry-academia collaboration, the “Plasma Gene Introduction Device” was selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support Project (Sapoin).
The reason why we are able to take on such challenges is that we have the strength of being a “small number of talented people.” We will continue to refine our own technology and contribute to our customers and society.

President and Representative Director Yugo Kido