RF System Department

Products such as high frequency generators, which are essential for semiconductor manufacturing. We support the world’s IT technology behind the scenes.

High Frequency Generator

The frequency band of the high frequency generator that Pearl Kogyo Co. primarily manufactures is a wide band from 400kHz to 100MHz or more. In recent years, the demand for high yields has risen, and we have responded to meet these specifications with our long standing technology and other proprietary technologies. Our generators are highly respected by our customers, including a major semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer.

Matching Box

Acts as an intermediary between the high frequency generator and the process chamber required for semiconductor manufacturing. Matching boxes are essential for impedance matching to efficiently apply power to the chamber. Our technology is highly regarded for its performance.

Flexible support for customer’sunique specifications

Minor frequencies, control schemes, which are special specifications, in addition to the F-match function, etc., we build a stable mass production system in compliance with the customer’s specifications. In the semiconductor industry where innovation is remarkable, we have earned the trust of our customers. Our RF Systems Department will advance to the next generation stage.
※Copy Exactly:Our methods of unifying components, manufacturing methods,environments, etc. is designed to eliminate product differences between mass produced products.

Why is “high output” necessary in semiconductor manufacturing?

Aiming to improve the information processing capability of electronic devices, high integration and miniaturization are progressing, and nano level processing is required. Realization of such processing requires high output and accuracy of high frequency power.